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United States Senate (USS)

Double Delegation 

Intermediate Committee

The Issue of Healthcare Reform

The United States is a federal republic where legislative powers are vested in the two chambers of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The United States Senate comprises a hundred Senators representing the fifty states in debates that range from the appointment of judges to approval of treaties.


The issue of healthcare in America is longstanding and has long been a bone of contention between the Democrats and Republicans. The healthcare system itself is dominated by the private sector and sees many individuals lacking affordable health insurance. Prohibitively high healthcare costs have consistently plagued the average American citizen, highlighting the need for immediate and effective healthcare reform.


In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was signed into law, marking the first successful major healthcare reform in decades. However, it was passed only with the votes of Democrats, contributing to an incredibly polarised public discourse surrounding the topic. The Republicans have vowed to repeal and replace the law while the Democrats have called for strengthening its core pillars and transitioning towards universal healthcare. Little headway has been made legislatively ever since, while the American people continue to suffer the consequences.


In this council, delegates can expect engaging debate in discussing the technical aspects of the healthcare system in America whilst representing the well-defined portfolios and positions of their respective Senators. They will walk away with a better understanding of bipartisan negotiations and public policymaking in the health sector.

Meet the USS team
Head Chairperson
Deepak S/O Alagusubramanian
Deepak Alagu is a 18 year old student with a keen interest in geopolitics and dance. He loved Infocomm Club and now loves a certain talented idol group. He has a memorable face and personality which has earned him plenty of friends but no girlfriend (yet). He is delighted to be given the opportunity to finally chair the council of his dreams, the United States Senate, and hopes that all participants will have a fruitful and enjoyable three days at SDYC 2019 :)
Vice Chairperson
Joshua Chin Zhi Yi
To Joshua Chin, sleep is pretty much a foreign subject, as seen from his 3am sleeping time and zombie-like disposition, so don’t be shocked should you see him return PP feedback at these hours. Interestingly enough, despite the academic rigor of MUNs, Joshua can hardly be found dozing off in such conferences. Is it due to the camaraderie in council? Is it due to his enthusiasm towards debate? Or is it due to his persistent efforts to type out his script, only to have a blank screen on his computer when speaking? Whatever the answer is, he proudly admits that MUNs have a really special place in his life. 
Vice Chairperson
Srihari Rangan
Srihari Rangan considers himself to have an IQ of duality nature. At some times, he would feel like he has an IQ of 500, yet sometimes he would feel like he has an IQ of 5. He is also a big fan of cricket and sometimes, albeit unfortunately, you may see him shadow batting. He is always open to a friendly conversation of global politics and would really like to hear others’ opinions on various issues around the world. This is his first time chairing and is really looking forward to SDYC 2019. He hopes all the participants in this council have a fun and meaningful time this year and leave with long lasting memories!