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World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Double Delegation 

Beginner Committee


The United Nations World Tourism Organization is a double delegation beginner committee, ideal for individuals who are entering the MUN circuit for the first time, but do not want to venture into the circuit alone.


Tackling the issue of voluntourism, a form of tourism where the tourists primarily participates in voluntary work as their form of sight seeing, this committee will explore the impacts this growing trend has had on tourists, as well as the beneficiary. Delegates will look into the main driving factors of this trend, such as the needs of the beneficiary, as well as the areas by which individuals and societies have begun exploiting these good intentions for self-profit. These include reasons such as stereotypes, false conceptions as well as the growing problem of corruption.


Delegates will be required to come up with creative and sustainable solutions aimed to improve tourism competitiveness of these areas, while simultaneously promoting sustainable tourism development, battling poverty, and increasing the overall socio-economic development of these beneficiaries. Through this, delegates can look forward to learning more about the variations in the tourism sector across countries worldwide and exploring what it means to achieve  sustainable tourism.

Meet the UNWTO team
Head Chairperson
Riya Vig
Being a Year 6 in NUS High who has foolishy taken up way too many commitments, Riya still considers MUN to be a meaningful and fun experience. Though she largely suffers from resting tired face, she hopes delegates won't be too scared to talk to her. She has a strong love-hate relationships with puns, so saying a bad pun has a 100% success rate of breaking the ice with her. She hoped delegates leave SDYC with good memories and experience.
Vice Chairperson
Hsiao Yu Jer
Yu Jer is a Year 6 student of NUS High. Whilst slashing off stuff from her to-do list, Yu Jer finds time - and joy - in completing jigsaw puzzles too (surprise, surprise!). This process of creating order out of initial chaos brings serendipity into solitude, which has proven to be a great source of bliss. Likewise, she appreciates the art of MUN in consolidating a myriad of perspectives that ultimately reinforces an idea or goal. Yu Jer is deeply honoured to be back chairing in SDYC 2019, and looks forward to meaningful council debates where delegates put together each of their “pieces” and uphold the goals of the UNWTO.
Vice Chairperson
Trivikram Mohan
An avid fan of anime and food in general, Trivi often wonders why he signed up to be a MUNner in the first place. Having started his MUN journey last year during SDYC and absolutely loving it, Trivi is certainly new to the MUN circuit. He also enjoys debating and is passionate in Biology, finding the subject fascinating. He wishes delegates at the UNWTO to have the same amazing experience he had at SDYC, and sincerely hopes that everyone will have a fun time and learning experience.