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United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Double Delegation 

Advanced Committee

Dynamic Agenda

As one of SDYC’s advanced committees, delegates can expect a challenge beyond any other UNSC they’ve been in. Beyond the thematic differences in topics, the composition of the committee, and the skill levels of your fellow delegates, the UNSC at SDYC 2019 will be pioneering a groundbreaking set of Rules of Procedure that provides a more realistic simulation and a more rigorous academic experience for advanced delegates, inspired from acclaimed international conferences.

Our most obvious change is the introduction of a dynamic agenda - diplomats in the UNSC don’t have the luxury of months to prepare to respond to international crises! Delegates will be bombarded with a flurry of specific agenda items throughout the conference - these may be simple procedural matters, controversial thematic issues, or updates to various crises across the globe that concern international peace and security. With little more than an information dossier or a briefing provided on the spot, delegates will have to make swift decisions with profound global impacts.

Additionally, a plethora of procedural changes will be implemented, inspired from elements of the UN4MUN RoP - a MUN format released by the UN itself which more accurately simulates UN organs and their working methods. The delineation of committee sessions into Private and Public meetings will force delegates to treat every uttered word with great care and finesse. Arria-formula meetings will facilitate rapid discussions and bloc-forming as new issues arise. Consultations of the whole will force delegates to consider new strategies in getting their voices heard when it matters most. The aforementioned are among a smorgasbord of changes that will allow delegates to gain a much deeper understanding of the UNSC’s nuances.

Delegates in the UNSC must be prepared to be pushed to their limits in on-the-spot research and information synthesis skills - while navigating the vagaries of international diplomacy at the highest level.

Meet the UNSC team
Head Chairperson
Abizer Moiz Khumusi
Having gone to 13 MUNs as a delegate (as of March oops), but with only 9 paper award, (the other 4 being VCs), SDYC will be Abizer's 9th UNSC. However, having set himself the goal of beating Shastikk in something other than a 2.4km run, he nevertheless continues to delegate at various high school conferences, competing against kids 3 years younger than him. As he chairs UNSC, he hopes that delegates can appreciate the nuances that the topics have to offer while at the same time learning something important. He looks forward to seeing you all at SDYC!
Vice Chairperson
Wes Lee Wen Jun
Wes frequently gets his name horribly confused. With “Lee” as his surname, there have been instances when he has been addressed as “Wesley”, and also tries his best to ignore when others ask “Where’s West?”. Having started his MUN Journey only last year during SDYC, Wes is certainly new to the MUN circuit, and hopes that he is able to learn as much as delegates of the UNSC are able to in the upcoming three days of debate. Outside of MUN, Wes enjoys running and current affairs (or historical affairs). He is also part of the Audio Visual Team of NUS High, so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues during council sessions. That being said, he hopes that delegates will enjoy the conference and be immersed in fruitful debate, first timers and veterans alike.
Vice Chairperson
Akshat Chaudhary
Akshat has only ever been to the UNSC in all MUNs he has taken part in. Apart from flaming resolutions, he has a longstanding interest in eating and sleeping. He also enjoys playing the guitar. He hopes that delegates at SDYC UNSC will partake in fruitful and stimulating debate, and hopes that all delegates have a blast at SDYC 2019.