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United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Single Delegation 

Beginner Committee

Health Issues in Conflict Zones​

Originally established in 1967 as a trust fund, the United Nations Population Fund (renamed from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities) is the lead United Nations agency tasked with the promotion of population programmes, as well as directing and coordinating projects supported by the UNFPA. The UNFPA leads many such programmes worldwide, providing crucial funding to the development of health programmes in developing countries.


Recognisant of the fact that certain regions of the world still face a looming threat of political instability and conflict to this day, it is crucial to safeguard the health of civilians in these regions. In the aftermath of conflict, healthcare systems are left debilitated, following the destruction of key infrastructure such as healthcare facilities, and the targeting of medical personnel. Other sub-issues, including violence against women in conflict zones, alongside widespread famine also pose major risks to the health of the population.


While there have been notable efforts made by varying levels of the international community to resolve this issue, the problems are exacerbated when aid delivery to conflict zones is slowed or halted by various weaknesses in the healthcare provision and distribution system. Considering the different nature of conflicts and the spiralling need to resolve the issue comprehensively to prevent further loss of lives and violation of rights, delegates of this committee will discuss how best to present policies and allocate aid.

Meet the UNFPA team
Head Chairperson
Michelle Yaochai Yinfei
Michelle is a Year 5 NUSH student taking many Science subjects. She started her MUN journey at SDYC 2017, she now questions her 16-year-old self for going to several MUNs where she would miss committee sessions due to foreseeable reasons. Aside from that, MUN was a pivotal experience - to debate pressing issues in a diplomatic manner. She hopes that delegates have a good time and be inspired in some way through this conference!
Vice Chairperson
Zachary Loh Zi-Yang
Zachary believes MUNs can teach a person very important skills in life such as teamwork and communication. He is passionate about many things such as writing stories, Basketball and watching a lot of YouTube. He hopes that delegates of SDYC can learn a lot from MUN and hopes it will be a life-changing experience for all delegates!
Vice Chairperson
Eishwar Ravichandran
Eishwar started off his MUN Journey at SDYC 2018 as a timid 14 year old, and has opted to stay in the MUN circuit ever since. After snaking himself at UNAS'18, Eishwar has attempted to direct his passion for MUN towards chairing and organising conferences. Apart from MUN, Eishwar enjoys binge-watching movies and animating using his old Adobe CS6 program, which is no surprise since he is part of NUS High's Media Club. Eishwar hopes that all delegates will engage in fruitful debate, and have an enjoyable time at SDYC 2019.