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United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

Double Delegation 

Established in 1959, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) is the committee of the United Nations charged with exploring the field of cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space, as well as with the creation of programmes to further that cause. Additionally, the UNCOPUOS is also tasked with promoting research in outer space and relevant fields, sustaining continuity in the circulation of such relevant information, and studying issues of legality that emerge from the exploration of outer space.
The issue of the management and minimisation of space debris has surfaced as a pertinent issue over the last decade, following the launching of countless spacecraft into outer space. Orbiting the planet at thousands of miles an hour, the imminent threat of high-speed collisions between this debris and functional spacecraft poses grave danger to astronauts aboard the crafts, as well as hindering the efforts of research. The commercialisation of space has further exacerbated the issue, driving forward research efforts into profiting from space. With little regulation of such actions of privatising and commercialising space, further problems are generated, while existing ones are worsened.
Although multiple attempts to resolve these issues have been made over the past decade, the issues at hand are further worsened due to an evident lack of multilateral cooperation in resolving these issues, as well as a lack of sufficient data necessary to make crucial decisions. Taking into account the complicated issue of space sustainability, delegates of this committee must tread carefully and navigate the complex nature of international relations to ensure the future of space exploration.

Meet the UNCOPUOS team
Head Chairperson
Rayhan Erlangga Rahadian
Rayhan is a self-professed nerd who writes prose (for himself) as a hobby and appreciates a good game of StarCraft. In MUNs he enjoys watching delegates gain confidence in speaking up and contributing actively to the discussion. He hopes all delegates will have a fruitful time at SDYC!
Vice Chairperson
Huang Feiyang
The man, the myth, the legend - Huang Feiyang has returned from his self-imposed exile to wreak havoc upon the mun scene once again. He had peaked a while back prowling through various UNSC councils, but now spends his army days watching debates on Youtube and reading economics texts as a proxy for living in the real world. He encourages delegates to do their research and engage in council discussion. Despite his questionable facial expressions, he is mostly harmless and he welcomes delegates to approach him for feedback, casual chats or just good memes.
Vice Chairperson
Vernicia Neo Shu Qi
Vernicia has returned to the MUN scene once again despite many resolutions to retire. However, she is still more than glad to chair at SDYC and hopes that all delegates will have a meaningful and fun experience as well.