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Meet the Secretariat of SDYC 2019

Gloria Chong Xue Li
Honoured and humbled to be the Secretary-General of the 10th SDYC, Gloria owes much to MUN for transforming her. Once just a shy girl who could neither be heard nor seen (due to her unfortunately short stature), Gloria is now a cheery and outgoing lady whose excited chatter and laughter can be heard from a mile away. Thanks to her MUN journey which began in 2017 where she delved in headfirst as an operations member of SDYC, she deepened her appreciation for MUN over 8 conferences that had the ability to bring together people from all walks of life to debate on real-life pressing issues. With a desire to always discover new avenues to fuel a person's self-development, she strongly believes that MUN is a wonderful platform to enhance one's confidence through public speaking. As such, she urges all the delegates of SDYC to challenge themselves and to learn from one another admist the exchange of ideas whilst forming new friendships through practicing the art of diplomacy. Alongside the exceptionally competent SDYC Organising Team 2019, she promises the 10th installment to be an enriching experience for all delegates for nothing is arduous for the willing.
Deputy Secretary-General
Jason Ong Han Meng
Having began his MUN journey in 2017, Jason wonders how he ended up in the circuit in the first place, having had a strong distaste for public speaking. Staffing and delegating at 16 conferences later, he still wonders about it to this day, but has enjoyed every step of the way nonetheless. He will be serving as Head Chair of WHO at Singapore Model United Nations 2019 and will be serving as Administrative Director at UNAS Model United Nations 2019. Jason strongly believes in using MUN as a platform to voice your views, practice negotiation and hone your writing skills. He is beyond honoured to be returning to the 10th Anniversary of SDYC (or as he fondly calls it, the conference that started it all) as DSG for Operations and Logistics, and promises delegates a conference to the best of what he can deliver.
Deputy Secretary-General
Wong Kok Rui
Kok Rui's MUN career - which began in SDYC 2016 - now spans 4 years, and mostly comprises specialised or crisis committees. Recent developments include clinching a Best Delegate award in an ICJ simulation, chairing a 200-man GA in HMUN China and toiling away as the DSG (Acads) of OPMUN 2019. Outside of MUN, he enjoys sports simulation video games and cybersecurity capture-the-flag competitions; these sedentary interests are likely fuelled by 9 ankle ligament tears. He hopes delegates enjoy the innovative RoP and mechanics featured in SDYC 2019's unique specialised committees!
Deputy Secretary-General
Morales Luis Angelo Aster
When he joined the Organising Team in 2018, Luis was simply getting his feet wet in the waters of MUN. Little did he know he would soon be washed away by the wonders of organising and participating in such conferences. Now as the DSG of Delegate Affairs (DA), Luis is in charge of an electrifying Dinner & Dance, as well as an enigmatic Mass Activity. While he treasures the educational potential of MUNs, with an Entertainer (ESFP) personality, Luis is simply fired up by the social aspect. As such, he hopes to ensure that the 10th SDYC will be where all delegates create fond memories with faces both fresh and familiar.
Deputy Secretary-General
Tan Wei Yen Shina
Having joined the Model UN circuit in 2017, Shina is dedicated to making MUN a more beginner-friendly and open community. Although she may seem scary with her constantly varying facial expressions of disapproval and stern voice, she is, in actuality, very nice and approachable. Aside from MUN, Shina enjoys a diverse array of sedentary activities, which include reading, listening to music and stalking Netflix for new releases. Her choice of workout is walking in heels during MUNs, a necessity as the shortest member of the Secretariat. She sincerely hopes that all delegates will find SDYC a fun and enriching learning experience, and that delegates will not hesitate to come up to her if they need anything.
Deputy Secretary-General
Tan Yong Yi
Yong Yi started MUN three years ago but is glad to have not looked back since. He has delegated seven times as of March but would rather tour the circuit as the circuit's resident grumpy Chair or Secretariat member. However, he still has not kicked the habit of midnight naps so expect correspondence from him at the most ungodly of hours. Outside of MUN, Yong Yi helms the Chemistry Interest Group in his school and treats the subject as both a passion and academic pursuit, whilst also indulging in baking and desserts. He hopes that all delegates would find the Academic quality of SDYC 2019 to their liking and is always available to lend a helping hand!
Deputy Secretary-General
Zheng Chong Emily
Diving firmly outside her comfort zone this year, Emily adopts the roles of DSG Publicity and Press Corps chair. This seems to be a common theme in her MUN journey. Seeing as she loves challenges, however, she is grateful to have these opportunities to push herself to greater accomplishments. In recent updates of her life, Emily has fractured a finger playing canoe polo - her CCA - and is pondering over what hobby she should pick up next, having let go of piano. (Currently, it's between knitting and boxing.) Her interests in physically demanding activities fluctuate frequently, often making her question her life decisions. She sincerely hopes that delegates explore their boundaries this SDYC and enjoy the special features that come with our 10th anniversary!