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Meet the Publicity Team

Publicity Team
Wu Ning Jing
Since excluding the one time she was journalist for SDYC'18, Ning Jing has only 1 (legit) MUN experience, she joined SDYC OT in the hopes of improving her design skills. Through the delegate trainings SDYC offers, Ning Jing hopes to overcome her fears of MUNing and public speaking. In her free time she is found watching questionable YouTube videos and reading questionable books. She prefers looking at 3D girls.
Publicity Team
Tang Yetong
Yetong is a Year 6 student who's built up an impressive portfolio of notepassing experience. Having amassed a gamut of portfolios as part of the SDYC Organising Team such as "committee activity facilitator" and "Excel formula boy", he's back for a third year running - now serving as a full-time member of the Publicity team. In his spare time, he plays cybersecurity capture-the-flag competitions and does freelance app development for an inordinate amount of cash. In his work time, he's probably secretly watching Starcraft 2 streamers or looking at anime girls (though an amalgamation of both would be preferred).
Publicity Team
Xavier Oh
With 1 MUN experience, Xavier continues to work in SDYC as a dedicated member of publicity, working on his design and video editing skills. After the disaster that was SDYC Promo video 2018, he hopes to redeem himself this year and wishes participants a wonderful time at SDYC 2019. He also still enjoys looking at anime girls.