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International Press Gallery (IPG)

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SDYC 2019 is excited to announce the opening of the International Press Gallery (IPG) - a replacement for the previous internal journalist system that provided commentary on committee events. The IPG at SDYC will be unlike any other Press committee you've seen in the local circuit - adding rigorous and fun mechanics adapted from international conferences on top of the existing dynamic nature of the committee.


As the only roaming committee at SDYC 2019, IPG delegates will be given the opportunity to travel across every committee. Delegates will get to observe proceedings and interview individual delegates to produce exciting pieces for their agency across various media forms. With the gamut of biases and writing styles represented across our diverse range of press agencies, delegates will have to apply the content skills and understanding of nuance that they’ve learnt in MUN.


Journalists in our world don’t exist in isolation - they often have profound impacts on policy, ideas, and populations. Hence, IPG delegates will interact with mechanics designed to allow them a greater involvement in debate - and as a corollary, the resolutions produced throughout the conference. This most chiefly manifests in our press conferences, where press delegates can influence debate and grill delegates on their decisions in their respective committees.


With the advent and increasing penetration of technology worldwide, the ability of the press to influence ideas, populations, and policy has never been greater. With great power comes great responsibility - and delegates in the IPG must wield this with great care and nuance.

Meet the IPG Coordinators
Press Coordinator
Zheng Chong Emily
Your press coordinator - Emily - entered SDYC OT as an IOC member. To be perfectly honest, she never expected to end up here as a honorary academic committee member. However, as she researched press conferences and decided award names, she grew excited to be a press director (Mainly due to the interrogation possibilities). She looks forward to witnessing her delegates' journeys and hope that they too look forward to exploring mun from a different point of view. Don't be afraid to approach her for feedback, advice or simply to make conversation!
Dayrius Tay
Dayrius, the Editor-in-Chief of Press, is your stereotypical NUSH kid. As an avid cyclist and PC gamer (not simultaneously), Dayrius builds computers, does astronomy and has retired from physics to be here. He hopes that press delegates will appreciate the intricacies of writing and consequently prevent this chair from flipping out. Fun Fun Fact: Dayrius was named after a supposedly evil Persian emperor.