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Meet the Delegate Affairs Team

Jerina Low Shan Ru
Jerina joined the MUN circuit back in 2016 but has since unfortunately retired due to her busy schedule. Outside of MUNs, one can probably find her doing both academic and non-academic work or expanding her interests in music making and video editing. Being a strong advocate for mental wellbeing (especially amongst her friends) combined with her interest in psychology, if you find her staring into space, its more likely that she's thinking about some weird concepts about life than stoning. However, let her warn you that should you choose to ask her what she's thinking off, theres a 95% probability it will make no sense.. That being said, she hopes delegates enjoy and treasure their time in the MUN circuit before life starts catching up.
Delegate Affairs Team
Ng Chi Sin
A friendly and open person, Chi Sin mainly focuses her debating skills in many lively bilingual debates between the Malaysians at the dinner table, in fields such as social science (gossipping mainly) and music. She also loves running and singing (yet does not adopt running away from problems as a defense mechanism). Chi Sin hopes to (just like all IOC members) channel her love for running into SDYC - running around the conference to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you want to say hi, chase her and she'll try to run slow.
Delegate Affairs Team
Lee Kia En
Kia En joined the MUN circuit in 2018. While having a strong passion in current affairs and humanities, MUN has also served as a challenge for her to overcome her fear of public speaking and making enemies (and getting interviewed). Unlike Jennifer, she quit music way before she was even eligible for Grade 1. In fact, it is not just music. She has dropped taekwondo (regrettably), ballet, diving, stakeboarding (another regret) and physics (NOT a regret). She hopes that delegates would persevere on and make SDYC an unforgettable and satisfying memory to look back on and would like to quote a famous author: "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do."
Delegate Affairs Team
Jennifer Goh Zhen Ni
Jennifer is new to the MUN circuit, her first MUN being... IMUNC 2019! Despite that though, being both a singer, and violinist (for the past 12 years), humanities has always been a significant part of her life. She's a small but friendly girl, so don't hesitate to approach her anytime throughout SDYC 2019! On that note, she hopes that all delegates will have a great experience at SDYC 2019, both academically and socially.
Delegate Affairs Team
Matthan Foo
Matthan's relationship with MUNs has stemmed from spectating from the sidelines as a second-rate political actor rather than from participating as a delegate. Outside of MUNs, he can often be found on the fields playing sports like frisbee and soccer, and wasting his life away on Youtube and Reddit. He hopes that he can give delegates an unforgettable experience and that they will forge many new friendships (and rivalries) at this year's SDYC. Look for him for if you want to have some friendly banter concerning food and sports.