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Joint Cabinet Crisis

Single Delegation 

Specialized Committee

Human-Wildlife Conflict: Hardap

Hardap, meaning “nipple” in the local Khoekhoe (Nama) language due to the region’s abundance of low conical hills, is an administrative region in the South of Namibia. Hardap and Namibia as a whole has adopted a number of innovative approaches to achieve biodiversity conservation conciliatory with national development agendas. The commitment shown by Namibians and their government, who comprise one of the few republics that have baked environmentalism into their constitutions, has led to a remarkable recovery of key wildlife populations.

However, living with wildlife often carries a cost. Wildlife populations that exist in the vicinity of communal and freehold farming areas result in more frequent conflicts between humans and animals; a term coined as ‘Human-Wildlife Conflict’ - and this concept will be the crux of our crisis.

The crisis will be a Joint Crisis Committee involving 2 committees. The first will be a Hardap Administrative Region Dialogue, consisting of members of the Hardap Regional Council, local representatives of some federal ministries, local farm/plantation owners, and hunting range owners. The second will be a Namibian Inquiry on Protecting Property, Livelihood, and the Environment, consisting of representatives from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, as well as representatives from NGOs active in the area (eg. the Cheetah Conservation Fund).

With the long-anticipated joint crisis committee finally returning to SDYC, delegates can expect a dynamic, rigorous, and fun experience as they navigate the vagaries of Sustainable Development through the Human-Wildlife Conflict.

Meet the ​Joint Cabinet Crisis team
Crisis Director
Mackenzie Tan Phei Huey
After creating a name for himself in the local MUN circuit, complaining about expensive and inferior food, graduating with a $64k diploma (soon), Mackenzie has one last goal to fulfil here in Singapore: The revival of an SDYC crisis. Fully prepared to emulate his constant state of being, he is beyond excited to impart as much of his experience as he can upon his delegates and juniors. After all, it is a long swim back to Malaysia, he must flex regularly to get in shape. Having been to quite a few conferences, as a delegate, chair and even secretariat, he has learned some few things about MUN, so feel free to just have a chat whilst he tenderly cradles his five precious gavels. If you're a debater, a public intellectual, or interested in biology, he's also someone to approach, simply look for the racially-ambiguous guy with a slideshow of cute cheetah photos as his screensaver.
Jonathan Tan Soon Kang
Jonathan is a Year 5 Student who only started MUNing last year. With a love for JPOP and anime, he wonders sometimes why he started MUNing when he thinks it is a chore. But nonetheless, he continues to be part of the MUN circuit and is switching to chairing and crisis full time. He hopes that juniors can come to discover a love and passion for MUN and more can join him on his journey of despair.
Tan Ren Ying
Ren Ying joined her first MUN, SDYC'18, after the persistent questioning of her seniors as to why she had not yet signed up for the conference. Despite her original apprehension, she is glad that she had taken that first step into the circuit. Though she regularly questions her own decisions to overcommit year after year, she has decided that the satisfaction gained from successful events are worth the numerous sleepless nights sacrificed to achieve them. She hopes that delegates will have a fulfilling and enriching time at the latest installment of SDYC.
Vishal Mohanty
After getting encouraged to join a MUN by his peers, Vishal finally decided to start his MUN journey at RVMUN 2019. Although he was hesitant at first, he thoroughly enjoyed his time there with him making lots of new friends and learning new skills. Vishal wishes to continue learning and understanding the art of MUNing and hopes to make new experiences along the way. Besides MUN, Vishal avidly enjoys watching anime and procrastinating homework. He hopes that delegates will not only improve their MUN skills through SDYC 2019, but also gain new and fruitful experiences.
Co-Chairperson - JCC1
Dhasarathan Deepan Krishnaa
Deepan is a Year 5 Student, who decided going to a UNSC for his first MUN was a good idea. Although he might have been scarred for life from it, he has learnt a lot from it and has went to multiple MUNs ever since and has found a interest in crisis councils. He wishes for the delegates that come to crisis to ultimately have fun and enjoy themselves.
Co-Chairperson - JCC1
Mandy Ngoh Wan Ning
As a chair this year, Mandy actually went to her first MUN not as a delegate but as a notepasser and in a twist of events, ended up beginning her MUN journey as a delegate this year. As she learns more about MUN through various conferences and trainings, she has grown an interest in such events and hopes that SDYC 2019 will serve as a platform for all involved to be more engaged in the MUN circuit.
Co-Chairperson - JCC2
Appana Jishnu
Having initially been peer pressured into his first MUN by a friend, Jishnu has certainly come a long way, enjoying mainly the ambience and the social aspects of MUN, as well as striving to improve his speaking skills via MUNs. His hobbies include playing sports with friends such as badminton and cricket, as well as video games. He hopes that each and every delegate in SDYC, regardless of how experienced they may be, learns something new from the conference and enjoys it.
Frontroom IC - JCC2
Deepankur John Njondimackal
Deepankur John Njondimackal is someone with a lot of long things, such as long hair,a long moustache and a very long name. Unfortunately a long award roll does not appear to be one of them. Deepankur thinks he might have spent too long in the MUN circuit, but at this point he's decided to say "so long" to any longstanding reservations he used to have. He has long had a fascination with Crisis councils due to their dynamic nature that necessiates immediate, intelligent policy decisions and actions. Therefore he is glad that his longing to be the Frontroom IC (aka Head Head Chair) of the SDYC crisis, has been fulfilled. Don't be worried by the long face he might pull, its just the long council sessions. While many of you might step in with a longing for the BD, Deepankur hopes that you forge long-lasting HMs (Happy Memories) as well.