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African Union (AU)

Single Delegation 

Intermediate Committee

Ensuring Sustainable Water Supply in the African Continent

The African Union is a continental union which comprises 55 nations hailing from the continent of the union's namesake, Africa. Guided by the the Constitutive Act of the African Union, the Union is tasked with the mission of increasing the unity and solidarity of the African people, defending the sovereignty and interests of her member states and to accelerate social, political and economic development throughout the continent.


Water is a precious resource and in light of expanding populations and global warming, this issue becomes ever more pressing. The African continent is especially impacted by the potential of a water crisis, with disputes over water resources and its management slowly translating into what is now known as "hydropolitics". Water resources are distributed unevenly over the continent and there have been historic disputes over key water basins and rivers. Furthermore, the entry of private companies in managing these water resources as either energy sources or a public utility has further complicated matters. Thus, Delegates can expect exciting debate over issues ranging from privatisation to water resource rights and even water conflict.

Meet the AU team
Head Chairperson
Yuvraj Aryan Singh
Aryan appreciates the social aspects of MUN and through his years in the circuit he has managed to diversify his experience among many conferences across Singapore. Aryan, who is constantly described by his peers as “hot”, sees a discussion about water as being the perfect yang to his yin. Aryan continues attending his first Model UN conferences, or so he claims, and enjoys the wholesomeness which the circuit brings. He hopes that all delegates will enjoy the DnD and committee activities.
Vice Chairperson
Tan Te Quan
Te Quan is a Year 4 student whose MUN journey started at SDYC last year. Since then, his passion for MUNs has only grown as he sees it as a platform for people to learn more about global issues. MUN aside, Te Quan does loves to engage himself in a variety of activities, be it claw machines or simply spending time with his family. Extremely honoured to be chairing the AU, he sincerely hopes that everyone will have a fun and meaningful time at SDYC 2019.
Vice Chairperson
Tan Yu Hao
Yu Hao is a Year 5 NUSH student who only recently joined the MUN circuit last year in SDYC'18. Being thrown into the UNSC as his first council, the experience simultaneously made him questioned why he signed up for MUN in the first place while making him yearn for more of this experience. So, one thing led to another and he found himself as a chair of the AU in SDYC'19 and hopes that all delegates will have a good time at the conference